Aug 25, 2015


THE FINE PRINT: You are based in Madrid, Spain. It is such a colourful country in every sense of the word; culture, architecture, landscape, heritage, food, art… How does that influence you as an artist?

PABLO THECUADRO: It influences me more as a person than as an artist.

TFP: That being said, your work is very minimalist and monochromatic. There is a lot of black and white as well. How does that aesthetic appeal to you?

PT: Maybe it’s because I live in a colorful country I prefer something more minimalist in my work. I don’t know, but I love it this way.

TFP: Your collages are either made digitally or by hand. Why do you choose to do a piece a certain way?

PT: It depends on the time I have to make it, the quality of the images, the mood I’m in…

TFP: Most of your published print works are collages. Why does that medium interest you? How do you differentiate yourself from other collage artists out there?

PT: I always say that collages have no rules, you can do whatever you want. You destroy images to create other ones, it’s always a similar process, and every artist has their own way to do it.


TFP: Do you create collages with your own photography, or do you prefer to take someone else’s original pictures? If so, why?

PT: For now, I don’t use my own photographs, because when I take a photograph, I compose immediately with what I have, the camera and the model.

TFP: I’d like to know more about your photography work, and I was wondering where you see that part of your work going?

PT: I would like the people to feel calm when they see my style of photography. I would love to go through portraits and fashion editorials to express that calm feeling.  

TFP: What steps do you go through when turning a picture into a collage artwork? Is there a specific creative process?

PT: There’s no specific creative process. Sometimes the collage practically gets done by itself, and sometimes it takes a little bit of time.

TFP: Last but not least, what is your biggest dream/aspiration?

PT: To pay my bills with my work would be perfect.


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