Oct 9, 2015


TFP: First, I’d like to know a bit more about YOU. What has pushed you to becoming an artist?

STEPHANIE LOPES SIMOES: I’m a very chaotic person, always been like that. I cannot focus on only one thing, that it’s drawing something or making collages. My family is also very creative, it has influenced me through the years.

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TFP: You were born in South Africa, and grew up between Portugal and Belgium, where you now live. How would you say living in both countries has influenced your work?

SLS: It actually did not have much influence on me. It just made me the person that I am today.

TFP: Speaking of Antwerp, it is such a creative city! What do you like most about living there?

SLS: My friends! The nightlife. The good food. The cozy winter days. All the great unique shops. You have to come here!

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TFP: We see a lot of brush strokes in your work, which is all done digitally. Ever thought of making those with actual paint?

SLS: All the work that I’ve done in the past six months is done with actual paint. I then do the final touches with photoshop to give it that little extra.


TFP: How, or when do you decide that you’ve attained the perfect balance with a piece?

SLS: I am not easily pleased with my own work. Sometimes I can make a piece in half an hour and sometimes it takes me four hours. In the end, it just has to feel right.


TFP: How does a piece evolve to its final form? Do you have a specific creative process?

SLS: I buy a few magazines every month that have great images that I can work with. Sometimes I’ll contact photographers or they email me. I then put my mind to blank and start again!996f1b9180039.560c9d999ddfa

TFP: Three things you can’t live without.

My family, friends & cats! OMG and food! 🙂

TFP: What’s coming your way in the upcoming year?

SLS: I’m working on some nice projects. My boyfriend and I bought a house and we are moving there in October, I cannot wait! So much more room to make new pieces!


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