Feb 1, 2016



Screenshot by VINCENT NADON 

Each season, J.W. Anderson has a tendency to provoke and push the boundaries of fashion standards. Its unique design aesthetic offers a modern interpretation of masculinity and femininity by creating challenging silhouettes with a conscious link between menswear and womenswear. Ever innovative in his work, for his Fall/Winter 16 menswear collection, the designer collaborated with the famous gay dating app Grindr. Visiting the app on January 10 was not just another day of hairy torsos and butt cheeks pictures, but a live stream of Anderson’s new show.

Anderson’s man of Fall/Winter 16 is a romantic punk character picked out of a futuristic urban tale. Models wear spiky hair and wide chokers, seeming like they wandered in from a rave in the 90s. The collection brings forward the gender-fluid trademark style of Anderson’s finest imagination with satin pyjamas in pastel colours, a cropped floral bed jacket and fur vests. The colour palette is composed of earth tones, not straying far from black, grey, white and beige.The pieces are oversized and an embroidered or printed snail detail is a recurrent theme on the garments.

For Grindr, a partnership with Anderson makes sense for several reasons. The dating app has over 7 million users worldwide and it has been generalized that the majority of Anderson’s customers are gay. The members of the app who did not know of Anderson’s existence got to know his label and his new collection, while the fans of Anderson who did not have the app yet, downloaded it to see the show as it was the only place to live-stream the catwalk. The app and the label get more visibility and the partnership is beneficial for both sides.

Second of all, Grindr is a social platform that reflects current youth culture. In the same vein, Anderson, who pioneered androgynous trends, is still leading the way when it comes to sexuality and innovation. This collaboration brings the designer to the forefront of the industry with a new way of experiencing his fashion on social media. While other brands rely on their Instagram and Facebook, Anderson has taken this unusual approach by partnering up with the leading gay social networking app and become the most “en vogue” designer who knows how to capture the spirit of his time.

In recent years, J.W. Anderson has evolved into an internationally renowned and award-winning brand. In his quest of global reach, collaborating with Grindr was certainly an interesting development in the way people are viewing and consuming fashion today. Will J.W. Anderson ever stop surprising us?

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