You are based in Paris, and were raised in Italy. How do you think living in the French capital and your origins affect your aesthetic?

Paris is an international city with a great vibe. It’s my base but I am always on the go, London is just around the corner, Milano and New York are always part of my schedule. Although I do really appreciate when I have the chance to travel back to Milan from time to time, it’s very sophisticated, the beauty is “silent” but breathtaking.

What is your preferred camera to work with when shooting?

The camera is not important. It’s only an object.

You’ve been published in many international leading publications, such as Dazed and Confused, Numero, Bon, and 10 magazine, which are some of my personal favorites. Could you tell me more about the experience of working with such creative magazines?

My experience is to value the importance of the team, surround myself with creative and talented people.

You also do advertising work, notably Kris Van Assche’s design campaigns for many seasons thus far. Tell me more about your relationship with this specific brand and its designer.  

Kris is an incredible and sophisticated person; he approached me in the best possible way, giving me the freedom of interpretation toward his collection. It has been an exciting collaboration, sharing my ideas and time with Kris and his team has been a great opportunity for creative exchanges and personal growth.

The angles that you take when shooting sometimes create the illusion of body distortion, leaning the arms and legs into spindly members. Is there a specific reason you like shooting that way?

The movement and the dynamic that I can see and feel in a person attract me. I try to create a mix between a real and surreal balance. The poses then are created as a result of precise intentions, mixed with casualty and controlled mistakes.

Many of your images are also shot while looking up at the subject, making them bigger than nature or emphasizing either their facial features or the garments being worn. Is that something that is consciously done, and would you consider that being part of your personal aesthetic?

It is part of my research at the moment but I am always interested in an evolution of my aesthetic.

Do you have a preference in terms of models you like to shoot with? Are there specific characteristics that really catch your eye?

I like girls with personality, power and good energy. I like when they bring something to the story.

What’s coming up for you this year? Any projects you’d like to share?

I am working on publishing a book.