THE FINE PRINT: How did photography become part of your life?

NIR SARIG: I studied photography in high school. I didn’t really go into photography after school but one of my friends gave me a camera at the time and asked me to take pictures at a party; he assumed that I could do it as I was studying it.

I don’t remember hating or loving it so much but after that every week or two different people asked me to photograph at their parties and every party I liked it more and was searching for different ways to take photographs.

THE FINE PRINT: As you primarily shoot in your home country, Israel, I am curious to know what you think of local designers and artists you’ve had the chance to work with, and how this unique culture influences you and your work?

NIR SARIG: I think we have a lot of talented artists that are starting to make work that is very modern and original without forgetting our local roots.

In the last few years I was mostly in Europe, and only lately started visiting Tel Aviv more. I noticed the local influence in my work only when I moved out of Tel Aviv; I didn’t like it at first but embracing it is what made an impact on how my work has developed.

THE FINE PRINT: Considering you mostly do fashion editorials, you work closely with the stylist in order for the story to be a refined result. Tell me more about that set relationship.

NIR SARIG: I like working with people that have the same energy as me. I believe that when you are creative, have an open mind and know how to put your ego aside there is room for creativity, especially on set.

THE FINE PRINT: Do you have preferred positions or angles for the models to take?

NIR SARIG: Not anything specific actually, it is a very dynamic aspect in my work, I prefer using what I think is right and what works best on set depending on the situation.

THE FINE PRINT: What do you think is the most important aspect when it comes to creating a great image?

NIR SARIG: Being able to narrow the gap between what you see in your mind and what you see on set.

THE FINE PRINT: Tell me about color combinations and how you play with them.

NIR SARIG: My work gets very minimal retouch. I like leaving the colors as they are shot from the camera. I play with colors only when it is necessary or for enhancing the picture.

THE FINE PRINT: Photography offers an infinite world of possibilities as a medium – how do you envision your spectrum in the future?

NIR SARIG: I try to do what I love and if it’s good, it will slowly draw the attention of whoever finds it interesting. I can’t sell someone something he doesn’t like so I try to focus on what I do and not on where it could get to.

THE FINE PRINT: Your dream publication to work with?

NIR SARIG: I find a lot of publications interesting, I don’t think I have a specific goal in mind.