THE FINE PRINT: Please tell me more about yourself – your background, where did you grow up, what led you to become a fashion designer?

TILLY LOGAN: I’m originally from Birmingham, although I have lived in London since 2010. Creativity was always promoted in my family, I was always very academic so fashion was the most challenging thing for me to explore. I like the fact that it is subjective, so I can never really be wrong!

THE FINE PRINT: There are clear sci-fi references found in your designs. I feel I could conquer the universe wearing one of your jackets! Tell me more about your inspiration for your latest collection.

TILLY LOGAN: My latest collection was inspired by the outrageousness and brazen nature of dancehall culture; I was mainly inspired by the attitude associated with it. It was me letting go of all inhibitions and just doing whatever I wanted. I also drew a lot of influence from motorbike gear, and the harsh protective shapes. The rest was my general design aesthetic: I drew a lot of influences from my friends, they all have their own personal style and attitude, and I wanted to reflect that within my work.

THE FINE PRINT: Dancehall culture seems to be one of your preferred aesthetics. How does this specific music genre influence your designs?

TILLY LOGAN: I was brought up as a Rastafarian, and dancehall and reggae music has always been a massive part of my life and influences. From the local street parties in the summer, to my mom blasting her reggae on a Sunday morning, it was something I was brought up on and music I continue to enjoy today. Jamaican music and culture is in a league of its own.

THE FINE PRINT: You are now currently based in London, where you studied at the University of Westminster. How does the British culture and living in such a vibrant city affect your creative process?

TILLY LOGAN: Urban British culture is something that inspires me as it is so multi-cultured, it is often remixed and intertwined with other communities and races. My British birth brings a sense of edge to my ethnicity. Once I moved to London, I felt a lot more open to try new things compared to living in Birmingham, and I feel that has played a big role in me becoming the designer I am. I never felt liked I fit into the aesthetic at Westminster, and that was always made clear, but my London outlook on life made me not give a damn anyway!

THE FINE PRINT: You’ve previously worked at Hood by Air, Nasir Mazhar, KTZ, Hardware LDN and Meadham Kirchhoff, giving you quite an impressive resume. Was there one that you particularly liked working with? Why so?

TILLY LOGAN: I loved working with Nasir Mazhar and Hood By Air, I can relate to both designers on different levels. Nasir’s background and British musical influences are quite similar to mines and Shane Oliver’s distinct visions and outspoken designs were always something I admired. I enjoyed working for both teams as I felt more like part of the family rather than someone there just to help.

THE FINE PRINT: What is your favourite material to work with?

TILLY LOGAN: I think it’s pretty evident that I love anything shiny and PVC! I have probably abused that fabric so many times, I am a pro at using it. I just love the look and the feel of it, it brings an extra edge of sexiness to my looks. I also like a lot of waterproof functional fabrics.

THE FINE PRINT: What’s on your playlist right now?

TILLY LOGAN: I am in love with the new Erykah Badu mixtape, But You Caint Use My Phone, and I’m really into Abhi//Dijon.

THE FINE PRINT: If you weren’t a fashion designer, what would you dedicate your life to?

TILLY LOGAN: I would probably be a hair stylist. If I’m not changing up my own hair, I’m doing someone else for them! If not, I’d be an athlete.

THE FINE PRINT: I actually found out about you through Vfiles’ website. Assuming working with the brand is something that you would like to happen, with whom else would you like to collaborate?

TILLY LOGAN: Right now, I feel fashion is going through an era of copy-catting, so I can’t really think of any big brands I would collaborate with but I do Shrimps and Brain Dead clothing. There are a lot of small brands out there that don’t get the recognition they deserve.

THE FINE PRINT: What’s coming up for you this year? Are you working on a new collection?

TILLY LOGAN: I want to start my own coat brand in the near future, so I have been working on a few sketches that I can produce and I’ve also been making a few bras out of the fabrics from my collection just for fun. I’m also planning to move back to New York for a few months next summer, and I want to bring my work out there and hopefully make a few new connections.