Creative direction and clothing FECAL MATTER
In collaboration with NICK KNIGHT
Presented by SHOWstudio
Audio/Soundtrack  YEGUA (Perth Records) & FECAL MATTER

THEFINEPRINT: Tell us more about your latest collection and what is the message behind it?

FECAL MATTER: This Spring Summer 2018 collection is entitled: Race War. The presentation explores the horrible truth and intentions behind racism and the dominance of the white culture within society. We are focusing on the racism Steven Raj has experienced during his whole life and the pressures he’s faced to assimilate to white culture. The presentation addresses the connection between everyday garments and the alt-right movement; translating the idea that you can be apart of the KKK without wearing the actual costume. How a dress shirt is a direct link to the power of white supremacists. 

TFP: Any pieces you’d like to extrapolate further on?

FM: Each look mimics real life, normal, everyday garments that can be found at Wal-Mart or anywhere in the world. Specifically, we are playing with some key stereotypes of what “normal” looks like. We added a KKK hood extension to every look, which recreates the direct link between those archetypes of normality with the archetype of white supremacy. The connection is meant to raise questions about why does normal have to look like a regular white persons wardrobe. Even further, why does normal have to look westernized? Why is a Burberry trench coat a key staple item in every persons wardrobe? By adding the KKK hood to everyday garments presents the truth behind the “alt-right” wardrobe. They don’t dress up in KKK costumes during their rallies or speeches, they wear suits, dress shirts, jeans and etc… They blend into society. That aspect of the collection presents the idea that racism can be disguised so easily.

TFP: You’ve presented so far in New York, Montreal, Paris and now London. How’s each city influence your collections?

FM: To be honest, location doesn’t influence what we create but we use these metropoles to get our message out to the public.

TFP: This latest collection was done in collaboration with SHOWstudio, filmed by Nick Knight! How does it feel to be working with alongside such an industry legend?

FM: We’ve respected his work since we were extremely young and it has been a very humbling experience. Whether anyone is a legend or not, we always focus primarily on working with those who provoke.

TFP: You’ve been known to be quite controversial and have amassed an impressive online following. How does that affect your everyday life?

FM: We are just being honest and some people seem to completely hate it and try to stop it while others connect with our perspective and join in the conversation. Our everyday life is the same as before we had a following. We always risked our lives for what we believe in.

TFP: Your looks are so well-thought out while carrying an reflective underlying message, tell us more about the process of creating such looks?

FM:  very natural. We have so much to say, we don’t think there will be ever enough looks that will say what we want to say. So that is really our process, running against time trying to experience all of our visions and ideas before we die.

TFP: What is the message behind your brand and how do you feel it has evolved overtime?

FM: Fecal Matter will always be an uncensored platform that promotes critical thinking and explores the reality behind human nature. We use fashion, music, film, photography and makeup to translate our perspective. We are always evolving and trying our best to face our fears. As much as we evolve and expand our brand, the risk of loosing it all is also evolving. That is the price you pay when you are honest.