Gas-Lighting at the K Contemporary

By Cassandra D’Amico-Mazza

Pushing neon to the limit is what provocateur Scott Young is all about. Interested in the nexus of art, craft, science, and technology that neon embodies, Young stretches the physical limits of the medium in his work. Having worked in  Los Angeles early in his career in film– it wasnt too long ago that Young returned to using neon in all its artistic potential. Youngneon works are at the centre of  K Contemporarys inaugural exhibit, GAS LIGHT LOVE BOMB. The exhibit invites viewers to reexamine their relationship with love, relationships, sex, and romance.

Loosely divided into three sections, GAS LIGHT LOVE BOMB explores the stages of relationships, starting with budding romance, and ending with a hostile screeching halt.

You Are MyDesire and You Are MyObsession  raises the volume on the whispering, dark voices of romantic love. These dark desires are highlighted with contrasting monochrome colours, and illuminating the rawest emotions. And in Love Bomb, neon and fur on a bright pink background evokes the feeling of romantic love felt at the beginning of a relationship. This bright, pink, fluffy work is reminiscent of brighter days and happy moments.

In stark contrast, Light of my Life juxtaposes the rosy feelings of new love with the darkness of failed love and broken heartedness. As the relationship and the lovers evolve, a sense of foreignness permeates, eroding the love and leaving behind two strangers. I Miss Who You Were highlight this melancholic irony of relationships.

GAS LIGHT LOVE BOMB quite literally brings to light desires, passions, and heartaches.

Edited by Jennifer Mancini