By Saraah Bikaї

Art Basel 2017 was an art enthusiast’s wildest dream. Hundreds of galleries presented their collections across Miami Beach, and celebrated the mixed media and contemporary art universe with close to a dozen fairs. Here is a refined selection of some of the most outstanding and notable art pieces from Scope Art Fair and Design Miami.

Scope Art Fair

Joseph Gross Gallery represents contemporary artists like Peter Gronquist and Kip Omolade. 

Peter Gronquist is a multi-talented American artist who incorporates light, mirrors, oil, frosted glass, pure gilding, taxidermy toys, and enamel to convey a sociopolitical message. He underlines the recurring patterns of mass-consumption in America through the addition of icons and symbols in his work, referring to specific power struggles. The illusion technique he uses is peculiar to the artist who, simply through repetition of the object, continuously intensifies our experience of something we might otherwise overlook. The framing amplifies repetitions and provides us with a perfectly contextualized dive.

 Kip Omolade initially started by using his face and a mirror in order to reproduce both himself and the object in his possession. It led him to creating mirrored faces sculptures.


Art by Peter Gronquist 

Art by Kip Omolade


Located in Oslo, Ramforj Gallery’s initial mission was to nurture and promote the careers of emerging artists. The gallery is now representing not only emerging artists, but also established artists, such as Olav Mathisen.

Olav Mathisen 

Mathisen uses an innovative technique where he mixes both oil and egg tempera on canvas.

His work remains in the domain of abstraction with layered effects, giving us the impression that it is cut out of the canvas. His subjects revolve around the exploration, the subjectification and objectification of self, as well as human damnation, to be experienced in constructed contexts. 


Good Details is a multi-dimensional hub and gallery located in Chicago’s Art District. The gallery represented Shani Crowe at Scope Art Fair for Miami Design Week. Her photography focused on beauty rituals and cultural coiffure, elements which sustain the connection with her African diasporic identity.

Art by Shani Crowe

Design Miami

Maison Perrier-Joët presented Becoming, in collaboration with Chicago-based artistic duo Luftwerk. They used lighting and color to punctuate immersive installations as well as organic forms, “creating a new shift of perception”. Becoming was inspired by Perrier-Joët’s Art Nouveau heritage and explores how nature informs art.


Designers John Hogan, Eric Roinestad, Reinaldo Sanguino, Christopher Stuart, and Chris Wolston exhibited at Design Miami 2017. The Future Perfect is a gallery founded by David Alhadeff in 2003 as a platform for distinguished but also emerging contemporary designers from New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. The Future Perfect develops special exhibitions such as the one presented at Design Miami, where it works closely with international designers while introducing them to an American audience.


Founded in 2002, Ornamentum constructs conceptual jewellery. The gallery’s work is known for being witty, historically significant, and provocative. They also present conceptual installations in their New York gallery.


Maison Gerard was founded in 1974 and focuses on Fine Art and French Art Deco, including furniture, objects, lighting and contemporary art from the 20th century. The spaces are both modern and timeless.