If you are an unusual footwear lover, you have certainly heard of Amélie Pichard. The 32-years-old French designer is known for her unique bags and shoes and are anything but mainstream. Her creations, like herself, are unconventional and sophisticated. Her work has been published in crème de la crème fashion publications and has already reached a major female audience worldwide. As of now, she collaborated with shoe brand Le Coq Sportif, eyewear designer Garrett Leight and, more recently, the woman who made the red bathing suit a staple of the Nineties: Pamela Anderson, for a very personal and special project. Hard working and devoted to her passion, she graduated top of her class from Mod’Art Paris, a fashion design and creation school. Thereafter, she worked for renowned names such as Sonia Rykiel or Dice Kayek, but the most memorable encounter she made was with Madame Germaine, an authentic and traditional shoemaker from Paris. This woman had a life-changing impact on Amélie and taught her the basic knowledge of creating a pair of shoes from scratch. Footwear design became her number one obsession. Fascinated by its creation process, the apprentice was then taken under the wing of orthopaedic boot-maker Eric Lomain. It was just the beginning of a promising adventure, where Amélie will be creating bags and shoes under her name and become a successful accessories designer. After winning the “BATA shoe contest for young designers” in 2009, she launched her eponymous label AMELIEPICHARD in 2010, hitting the fashion industry with her unexpected and innovative creations. Mainly inspired by the TV-series she used to watch as a kid, where American bimbos were the main protagonists. She knows how to bring back tacky clichés from the past and she reinterprets them into improbable contemporary creations. In all of her collections, she deals with a minimal extravagance by remarkably giving her designs a new approach on what people consider ‘kitsch’.

A bag or a shoe designed by Amélie Pichard has a very common shape, but looks and feels unique because of the atypical fabrics carefully chosen. For her Fall/Winter 2015-16 collection, she was not afraid of mixing an entire color palette of crocodile prints together, bright shiny PVC with suede and hard foam with soft fluffy, creating in an “all American Girl” from the Seventies-inspired world.

Her latest campaigns have been art directed by Florence Tétier, co-founder of avant-garde fashion magazine Novembre, and a true adept in creating unique imagery. Their latest one for FW15 had a massive reach on the web and social media, and is currently a reference for fashion forward thinkers. Most recently, the French designer has announced a surprising collaboration with Pamela Anderson, who has been a muse for Amélie since her young age. The two women, in appearance very different, are fighting for the same cause: preserving the planet.

For this remarkable collaboration, they reconsidered the use of certain materials and replaced them with recycled ones collected in France. They created a 100% vegan shoes and bags collection that will be available this December in selected stores in Paris. They want to show that vegan can be sexy by appealing to the very feminine, modern and eco-friendly women. Amélie Pichard has started her own fashion revolution and she is determined to take it to a whole other creative level.





Hair Stylist CHIAO CHENET (Airport)


Nails Artist SYLVIE OLLO (Minicapsules)

Model MÉLISSA (Option Models)


Photography sources WWD, Opening Ceremony, Amelie Pichard