Art, beauty and fashion must reinvent themselves. The commonly understood ideas of “beauty” should perpetually be subverted in order to maintain an exciting artistic and fashionable culture. The types of people we see modeling the newest lines of fashion are changing every year – this surely reflects the ever changing concept of beauty in fashion design, as well as in popular culture.

London-based illustrator David Murray presents popular fashion collections in a very unique and delightful manner: by displaying them on iconic characters from widely-feared films.

So, who’s wearing what in Murray’s world?

Regan MacNeil – the young lady who found herself possessed by the demon Pazuzu in The Exorcist appears sensationally psychotic in a piece from Comme des Garcons 2015 Fall Collection.

Leatherface of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre would be on everyone’s list of “Best Dressed Guys to Gouge Out your Eyes” in a fantastic coat from Rick Owen’s 2014 Fall Menswear Collection.

When Freddy Krueger isn’t killing you in your dreams, he’s killing it on the runway;  as he holds a menacing yet intriguing pose in a jacket from Junya Watanabe’s 2014 Fall Menswear Collection.

These are only a few examples from Murray’s freak-fashion show. His illustrations are extremely enticing and there is an obvious humour stemming from the juxtaposition of characters that haunt our nightmares, and clothing collections that dance in our dreams. Murray’s impeccable eye for selecting his models to bring out the style and flash of designer wear is admirable, funny and executed in a subtle yet tasteful manner.

Check out this sinister celebration of fashion and horror at David Murray’s website and follow him on Instagram (@dmillustration) for oncoming collections draped upon all of your most feared villains.