She is young, talented and passionate. Lena C. Emery is a German photographer who splits her time between London – where she lives – and New York. The self-taught artist is known for her focus on pure daily life scenes, fashion and modern architectural imagery.

Lena grew up in Singapore and graduated from Paris’ Parsons School of Design with a BA in Fine Arts before working as a print designer for several international high fashion brands in Berlin. In 2010, she decided to fully dedicate herself to her photographic work.

Lena’s art is intimate, effortless and contemporary, with a singular and very feminine approach to it. She seems remarkably careful of the composition of each of her photographs and is sensitive to details as well as colour choices. The soft tones used by Emery offer a delicate and charming tint to her pictures. She possesses the ability to create spontaneous and coherent art within the same shot or frame. From female bodies to food, Lena’s work stages pure elegance, dealing with the natural and plain beauty of people and objects.

Over the past few years, Lena has earned a real recognition thanks to her work being published in world-renowned magazines such as The New York Times’ Style Magazine, AnOther and most recently Le Monde M Magazine. Several fashion designers, such as Victoria Beckham or Stella McCartney, and ready-to-wear brands like COS, call upon her for advertising projects. 2015 was an important year for Lena since she’s been nominated  for several renowned awards. In the past months, she travelled throughout Japan, where she photographed sceneries. Next year, these shots will be published in her first monograph.

Lena C. Emery is one of the most talented and established photographers of the promising young generation. Her unique approach towards photography is smart and compelling with a variety of rich visuals. One can easily tell that she is a resourceful artist who will continue to extend her creativity in the years to come.