Miguel Becer, 31, is a talented Spanish fashion designer that you should be following. As the artistic director of his own label, ManéMané, since 2012, he became the pride of Spain in such a small amount of time and is now a true reference for the Spanish fashion industry. He won the “Who’s On Next” contest in 2015, an event organized once a year by Vogue in collaboration with Inditex to reward younger talents. Based in Madrid but constantly traveling the world, he is followed by more than 16 000 people on his personal Instagram. He is definitely the cool kid to watch.

Miguel Becer lives for fashion. It does not bother him when he needs to  have late night drawings, pattern making or sewing sessions. Creating garments represents his way of translating his concerns and happy thoughts about the world’s current situation. The brand gives the customer a continuity of product thus maintaining its own identity and rigor in the quality of the traditional  fabrics’ choice – wools, silks and cottons – and thorough finishings of the garments.

The brand was born during Becer’s graduation year at Arte 2, an art school in Madrid, during his fashion design and creation program.  A very personal story is behind the name ManéMané – this is what Miguel Becer called his twin brother when he was a child. He thought choosing this name for his brand would never sound boresome to his ears since it is a part of his life.

Four years ago, at only 28 years old, he managed to gain a foothold in the industry. He had his own runway show for the first time at the Samsung Ego event during Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Madrid, where novice designers receive great visibility and the opportunity to showcase their collection on a professional catwalk. He immediately got the attention of national and international popular magazines, that helped him gain the recognition he deserves. Since then, each season, Becer and his team have been reinventing Spanish traditional codes, by mixing them with current trends’ inspiration.

For his Fall/Winter 16 womenswear collection, Becer went for a cheerful collection, catching teenagers’ interest with a mature modern edge added to it. The ManéMané girl is young and fun, a feature that is reflected in traditional stylings, sprinkled with hints of Spanish folklore and deconstruction of the patterns. The garments are patchworked, creating a perfectly under-control mess of fabrics mixed together. The designer presented a combination of influences from the most diverse inspirations – from completely deconstructed hip-hop pieces to traditional Spanish plaids, strips that hang from absolutely everything and open leg seams. The logo of the brand is omnipresent in different sizes on almost every piece. The shades of green, blue, burgundy and black are seasoned with touches of yellow to highlight and give shape to the color palette.
The young designer exercises a balanced view between creativity, sensitivity and business. ManéMané presents collections each season that shine for their consistency and stylistic sensitivity. Miguel Becer understands how fashion is an exciting instrument beyond clothing.