By Saraah Bikai

Rita Minissi is a freelance creator based out of Brooklyn, NY. She works across many disciplines as a designer, production engineer, and writer. While studying in Florence, Italy, she focussed her studies in drawing, design and painting. However for the past few years, the prolific artist has been producing unique and beautiful photography depicting the human (more precisely female) body

Delving into different project themes revolving around the idea of how one portrays one’s self to others. Each project comprises of several photographic series portraying one or more women (including herself sometimes), exploring te different ways the human body can express one’s identity, and how this conception of one’s self can be perceived differently by others. What’s interesting is that none of these series ever show the model’s face, thus making Minissi rely entirely on the body and body language to convey her message.

Her photographs are enigmatic and unfamiliar. She creates a bizarre and outlandish atmosphere, by keeping the setting to a bear minimum (usually a white background), and having the models pose in unusual and rather contorted positions, and wearing unusual attire such as nylon tights, BDSM fetish clothing, white dust, or paint. Though somewhat peculiar and hard to understand at first glance, Minissi accompanies each series with a short description in an attempt to enlighten the viewer in what she was attempting to achieve and convey. Her work is particularly well informed, bringing psychoanalytic concepts and theory of the Other and the self.