Transmutation Regarding the Concept of Sex Piece $$PREMIUM$$

Porn exists to excite. Somewhere in the subconscious of most, if not all humans, there is a peculiar, carnal desire to watch others have sex. Perhaps porn penetrates the mind due to the taboo subject matter – gangbangs, public sex, bondage…For many people, such sexual experiments can only be reached through the voyeuristic experiences that porn presents.

In Gaijin and Glasshead’s series entitled Transmutation Regarding the Concept of Sex, the already somewhat profane and misunderstood concepts of sex are manipulated in ways that lead the voyeuristic experience of porn to bubble and melt into a sort of psychedelic sexperience.

The collection includes shots of women with their breasts elongated and arms mirrored to achieve spider-like characteristics, sucking hazy, pulsing dicks; a scintillating cumshot lands on the faces of two girls, anticipating the warm, colourful collision; a young woman lays with mouth agape and a thin stream of blood running from her nose as she scissors with a green-skinned, alien-like woman – nine nipples running down her slim sides.

The images in the collection boast explicit scenes of sex dashed Gaijin and Glasshead’s distorted and kaleidoscopic effects. There are a few photos which are clearly a nod to the POV porn style, with the grainy and distorted scene of a naked woman kneeling between two barely distinguishable knees. Although these POV-style photos aren’t the most explicitly sexual of the collection, they truly encompass the aforementioned voyeuristic effect that porn and erotica present to the audience. The woman is neither happy nor sad, she flips the camera off…She could be anyone’s lover, fuckbuddy or wife caught in an intimate display of bodily desire.

There is something almost mystical about Gaijin and Glasshead’s Transmutation Regarding the Concept of Sex. This is porn for people wandering without water in the desert – mirages of fucking beneath ultrasonic waves; cum from a cock piercing the clouds; static energy clutching an ass – sliding in and out of flesh…The artists prove that psychedelic bodily fluid is enough to satiate the thirst of those trudging through the barren wasteland of internet porn.

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